CBD Oil Benefits

In recent years, there have been many people touting the medicinal benefits that could be found with the use of CBD oil. Those who may be looking for a method of dealing with some type of health problem might want to consider using CBD for their health issues. Before choosing to take CBD, though, it is important to make sure that you understand exactly what CBD oil is and the various types of health benefits that it could offer.

CBD is one of the two main ingredients found in marijuana, as well as hemp. The other is THC. The THC is what can cause the effect of feeling high, where the CBD does not. CBD, therefore, tends to be more useful when it comes to different medical purposes. It has some fantastic benefits, and it is very safe to use. It is time to take a closer look at all of the benefits that using CBD oil could offer.

Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

Stress is unfortunately common in today’s world, and it is associated with many other mental health issues. In fact, some mental health problems can develop because of increased stress. Therefore, it is important for people to find ways that they can reduce their stress. Preferably, they will find natural and healthy ways to do this.

Exercise can help with stress, but that is not often enough for everyone who is suffering from stress. In other cases, people may not be capable of exercising for one reason or another. Fortunately, CBD oil has the potential to help out substantially.

CBD will activate the serotonin receptors in the brain, which provides a very natural effect that helps people to reduce their levels of stress. It can also help with neurogenesis, which is the process where new neurons form in the brain.

Consider some of the other types of problems that can stem from stress, and from other mental health issues. For example, stress can often lead to problems such as anxiety and depression. Using CBD oil can help with these types of problems quite a bit.

Managing Mood and Energy Levels

Another benefit that can come from the use of CBD oil ties in quite closely to how CBD can help with anxiety and stress. The benefit is the ability to increase a person’s energy levels, as well as their mood. CBD works with the dopamine receptors in the brain, which can elevate a person’s mood, which can in turn help to boost their energy levels. In most people, it can help to reduce mood swings, and many of the issues that affect their mind normally.

Help With Vomiting and Nausea

Many different health issues can cause nausea, including undergoing treatments for cancer. A study from 2012 found that using CBD oil could help to prevent nausea, as least when used in the right doses. When the doses were relatively small, they found that it could abate the feelings of nausea. However, when the doses were too high, it could actually induce feelings of nausea.
Chemotherapy often causes people to lose a substantial amount of weight because they often feel too sick and nauseous to eat while they are undergoing treatment. The use of CBD oil can help to reduce the feelings of nausea, which can then help those patients to eat and get more of the nutrients and calories they need.

Help for Insomnia

You will find that CBD oil tends to have a sedative quality about it that is quite strong. This makes it a great sleep aid for those who have been struggling getting to sleep in the evening. It can help to make sure that they get into a good sleep that is uninterrupted, as well. Anyone who has ever had trouble getting to sleep at night is going to appreciate this benefit of CBD oil.

It helps with insomnia so often because it helps to treat the various underlying problems that could be causing the insomnia in the first place. Namely, problems such as stress and anxiety. It can help deal with those feelings, and the natural sedative qualities can help you get to sleep easier. It will not cause drowsiness or a “hangover feeling” that so often accompanies medications, even over the counter meds, that are meant to help people get to sleep.

CBD Oil Helps Those With Epilepsy

One of the most well-known and studied benefits of CBD oil is how it can help those who suffer from epilepsy and who go through seizures. It has been shown in study after study to provide relief to children and adults who are dealing with various conditions that cause them to have seizures, and it could be something that sufferers will want to speak with their doctor about.
In fact, CBD has been shown to be so effective at helping those with seizures that a new drug was recently approved by the FDA. The medication, called Epidiolex, is essentially a high-quality type of CBD oil. It is a treatment that has been shown to be useful for those who are suffering from Dravet syndrome and those who have Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

While it is still too early to tell what will happen, there is hope that the FDA’s approval of the drug is just the first step in becoming less restrictive when it comes to CBD and its medicinal uses.

Relieving Menstrual Pain

Menstrual cramps will typically start up to a week before the start of a period, and the cramps, which can persist through the period, can cause a substantial amount of pain. The pain can be so problematic that it affects the woman’s everyday life substantially. To help deal with this type of pain, many women have turned to CBD oil, as it can help to relieve the pain and suffering they are undergoing.

CBD and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious and debilitating neurological disorder, which causes death to brain cells. It can tear away peoples’ memories and change their personalities. Dementia and Alzheimer’s can devastate families. However, there are some potential benefits for these patients when they use CBD oil. Research that was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has found that CBD could help to prevent the loss of the ability to recognize faces, which tends to be one of the first indications of the disease.

The research in this area is still relatively new, and more studies need to be conducted to see just how much it might be able to benefit those with the disease. The results thus far have been quite promising, though.

Helps to Increase Appetite

If you are suffering from a disease that takes away the appetite, it can mean that you are not eating as much as you should and that you are not getting the proper nutrients. One of the reasons that people may not be eating is because they feel nauseous. CBD oil can help to relieve that nauseous feeling, and it can increase a person’s appetite, as well. This can be quite helpful for those who are recovering from an illness and who need to eat more.

Dealing With Arthritis

Those who have rheumatoid arthritis will also find that CBD can help to allow them to better deal with the inflammation and the pain they are feeling. This is a degenerative, chronic disease that can create a substantial amount of pain, as well as deformation and limited mobility of the fingers, feet, ankles, and wrists. The CBD oil can provide relief from the pain, and it can help to reduce the damage that is occurring in the joints.

CBD Oil and PTSD

Those who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, can also benefit from the use of cannabis oil thanks to its ability to help deal with stress and provide an overall sensation of being calm and relaxed. There are some veterans and other sufferers of PTSD who have found that it can help them immensely.

Unfortunately, since CBD oil is still technically considered illegal and a controlled substance at the federal level, it means that veterans who are going through the VA and who could use the help are not able to get it. They have to find ways to go through their state or they get it by other means. Hopefully, the federal government will soon start to realize that this and the other benefits of CBD should be made legal.

CBD Oil, Acne Problems, and Psoriasis

One of the benefits of CBD that many people are still unaware of is how it has the potential to help with acne. When a person has acne, it can not only cause them physical pain when the acne is severe enough, but it can also cause emotional pain, and problems with their self-esteem and confidence.

How can CBD oil help with this? A study has found that the oil has the ability to lower the production of sebum, which causes acne. It does this by reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands, which produce the sebum. The anti-inflammatory effect is also helpful for reducing acne problems.

There have also been cases where the CBD oil has helped those who have psoriasis, a skin condition that causes skin cells to proliferate and can cause red patches, itchiness, scale spots, and broken skin. This condition is quite common, but CBD oil has been shown to provide some relief and treatment for those who have psoriasis.

CBD Oil and Fibromyalgia

There are many people who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and who are suffering from pain and problems with their joins and skeletal muscles. The pain can be excruciating for many patients, and the CBD oil can help to reduce the feeling of pain. The CBD will bind with microglial cells, which have been known to cause fatigue, inflammation, and pain, and it will help to counteract those issues.

Heart Health and CBD Oil

There are benefits touted in some studies that show CBD oil can be beneficial to the health of your heart and circulatory system. One study found that having a dose of CBD oil a day would help to reduce blood pressure. This could be due to the fact that it helps to reduce stress. In addition, some studies have shown that CBD can help to reduce cell death and inflammation that are part of heart disease.

It has also been shown that using CBD oil can help with high blood pressure. It has been shown to help level out and control high blood pressure, which is yet another reason that this could be a great solution for many people who are out there and looking for healthier and natural alternatives to better health.

CBD Oil for Pets

It is important to note that humans are not the only ones who can benefit from the use of CBD oil. Pets may have many of the same types of health problems that humans might have, and they could also benefit from the use of CBD oil. It has been used to help dogs that are dealing with stress, and many other conditions. In fact, you will find that the benefits that a human can enjoy from CBD, such as those that are outlined above, tend to work for certain pets, such as your dog, as well.

It can be used to help treat seizure, chronic pain and arthritis, anxiety, it can boost appetite, and more. It can be a great solution for those who have pets that might have some health issues, or that are getting older and have painful joints. However, before you just give the dog CBD oil, you will first want to speak with a veterinarian.

CBD Helps With Many Types of Pain

CBD works well to deal with inflammation and it can counteract pain from many different sources. The pain fighting benefits of CBD oil have helped a large number of people who have been dealing with many different types of pain. In fact, it is powerful enough that it has been used for patients who are in the advanced stages of cancer.

A study from 2012 found that CBD oil could help to “suppress neuropathic pain and chronic inflammatory” conditions without side effects in most people. The reason is because the CBD interacts with receptors in the body and brain, which make it possible to kill pain from many different sources. This includes muscle pain, whole body pain, back pain, joint pain, and more.

Benefits of CBD Oil Over “Big” Medicine Options

There tend to be some problems when it comes to the pharmaceutical drugs that are often used to treat these types of issues. Many of the prescription meds out there today are going to cause a range of side effects that you do not want to deal with including agitation, insomnia, headaches, and sexual dysfunction. Some of those medicines are even addictive. You will not have to deal with those issues when you are using CBD oil.

CBD is far more natural, and the side effects tend do be minimal, and not all people suffer from side effects when they are using the oil. There are, of course, some side effects that can be caused through the use of CBD oil. For example, even though the oil can have a positive effect by helping to lower blood pressure, this can cause problems for those who are already taking medication to help them deal with their high blood pressure. It could cause the blood pressure to become too low in those cases, which can be dangerous.

Some of the other side effects that could present themselves include mild stomach upset, dry mouth, lightheadedness, drowsiness, and dysphoria. However, the vast majority of people who use CBD oil will not suffer from any negative effects at all.

Is CBD Oil Right for You?

Above, we have looked at some of the biggest benefits that can be gained from those who are using CBD oil. While many of the health benefits were covered above, they are not the only benefits. There are many other reasons that CBD oil could work for your health issues, and there are new benefits being discovered regularly thanks to more and more studies being done in this field.

If you feel that CBD oil is going to be a good solution for your medical needs, it is worthwhile to pursue your options. Remember, states have different rules and regulations in place for who may have CBD oil and how it can be used. Fortunately, the restrictions are starting to fall away, and today more people are able to get to experience the benefits of CBD oil. You may want to see what you can buy in your area or even online, and if you are having trouble, you can speak with your doctor to see if they can provide a prescription if it is needed where you live.

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