What is CBD?

Hemp has long been used for food and textiles for many thousands of years, and it is really only recent history where hemp and marijuana have been vilified. Cannabis and CBD have been used in medicine, particularly within the realm of traditional medicine, for nearly as along. Many different cultures around the world made use of hemp or marijuana in some form.

One of the historical uses of hemp was to make paper and rope. It was in the 1500s that more attention started to be placed on medicinal properties of hemp, and the CBD that it contained. By the 1850s, it was used as a medicine in the United States. However, it was at the start of the 1900s that the viewpoint on marijuana and hemp really began to change in the US, and not for the better.

When the Controlled Substances Act was created, it placed marijuana on the list, meaning that it would be illegal for any uses and purposes. This included for medicinal use. It wasn’t until the 1970s that people started to rethink the highly conservative position on marijuana, and only the past couple of decades where there have been any real changes in how people view it.

Today, more and more people have looked at the reality and the research behind marijuana, THC, and CBD, and they have come to find that it offers far more advantages than drawbacks.


Understanding CBD


Cannabis contains more than 60 compounds, one of which is CBD or cannabidiol. It is one of the two compounds that tends to have the highest concentration in cannabis, with the other being THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC in cannabis is what is typically associated with the “high” feeling that people get with marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, does not get people high, but it does have the ability to provide a range of benefits for those who use it.

CBD can be obtained either through marijuana or hemp. The chemical structure of CBD is the same whether it is taken from hemp or marijuana, but there are some differences to note. Marijuana tends to have far more THC and CBD than is found in hemp. Therefore, it tends to be more difficult to harvest and extract CBD from hemp.

Because the chemical structure of the CBD is going to be the same regardless of whether it was from hemp or marijuana, it also means that the effect on a person is going to be the same. CBD, as well as THC for that matter, come from the resin, flowers, and leaves of the plant. Most of the items that have THC will also have CBD in them. However, because many people want medicinal effects without getting high, there are also a number of products today that are CBD only. These are often used by those who are looking to take advantage of the medicinal benefits, which will be touched on later.


Even though there are many states that have now legalized marijuana, it is important to remember that it is still considered an illegal drug at the federal level. Even hemp has a status that is difficult to understand from a legal perspective. Therefore, there is still some controversy surrounding CBD, although studies have shown it to be highly effective and essentially harmless.


This has not stopped the market for CBD from growing substantially over the past several years, though. The market for CBD was around $292 million in 2016, and experts believe that just a few years from now, it will be well over $2 billion. Currently, there are 47 states in the U.S., along with the territory of Puerto Rico, which have laws that allow for the use of CBD. While there is still some legal confusion regarding CBD, things are starting to become more relaxed in many areas.


What Is the Current Legality of CBD?


The answer to the question will have multiple components because, as with so many things, it depends. At a federal level, CBD that comes from marijuana is considered illegal, and this is because the feds still view marijuana as a scheduled drug. Anything that comes from marijuana, whether it is CBD or THC, is called a Schedule 1 substance. Anything that is labeled this way is considered by the feds not to have a medical use and to be addictive. This is despite the fact that so many studies and research into marijuana has shown that not to be the case. At the federal level, marijuana and the main elements in marijuana, are considered to be no different from heroin. Most people, even those who are not proponents of marijuana, find this to be ridiculous. While this could change in the future, it has made the laws difficult for many to understand, especially because the state laws are so different.


In fact, when it comes to the state laws, you will find that there are only three states where any marijuana products are entirely illegal. They include Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska. All of the other states, along with Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, have legalized the use of CBD, in some cases CBD alone, but in most cases along with THC.


While it may be legal in most states, the exact laws and regulations are going to vary from one state to another. Therefore, those who want to use CBD products will always want to look up the laws that are specific to their own state. For example, many times, you are going to need to have a doctor’s permission, unless marijuana is fully legal in the state. In addition, there are states where the health issues that CBD is allowed to treat legally will vary.


FDA Approves CBD Prescription Drug


In late June of 2018, the FDA approved the first prescription drug made from marijuana, namely with CBD as the active ingredient. Many consider this to be a milestone when it comes to increasing research in the drug, and potentially opening up the door for more medicines being created in the future that make use of marijuana.


This drug is called Epidiolex, It is a pharmaceutical grade of CBD oil, and it has proven to be quite useful for up to 40% of the people who were using it in the trials. Many doctors have seen this to be a step in the right direction, and they want to have more medical marijuana options that are more regulated when it comes to their creation.


Will CBD Be Fully Legal Across the Country?


The 2018 Farm Bill has a provision in it that will make it easier for farmers to grow hemp. Currently, there are only some states where hemp is grown, but with some of the restrictions being loosened, it could mean that there will be more hemp available for the creation of CBD. While this could be helpful for those who want to grow hemp, there is still likely to be some legal murkiness with hemp in many stages because of the complicated history it has and the misconceptions that many people still have about everything from hemp to cannabis to CBD and THC.


Are Hemp Oil and CBD the Same Thing?


One of the misconceptions that some people have when they are looking for CBD oil is finding hemp oil and believing that it is the same. Hemp oil generally comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, and it has only a tiny among of CBD in it. This is typically used for soap and even for cosmetics. It will not, however, provide the user with the same effects that CBD causes.


Plenty of other products are made from hemp, as well. This includes fabric for clothing, and rope. These products do not typically have any CBD or THC in them either, and if they do, it is only going to be trace amounts. Even though they do not have any of the active ingredients in them, there are restrictions when it comes to cultivating hemp, which is something that the aforementioned Farm Bill could help to reduce.


How Does CBD Work in the Body?


Within the human body, there is an endocannabinoid system. This system has receptors that are found throughout the body and in the brain. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are activated by THC, where CBD does not cause any stimulation in these receptors.


However, CBD does activate other receptors in the body, which play roles in the body including inflammation and perception of pain. It can produce both anti-inflammatory and antianxiety effects when the adenosine receptors are activated. These receptors are also important in the release of glutamate and dopamine. When the serotonin receptor is activated, it can help to provide antidepressant effects. Because of the way CBD works in the body, it can be used to help deal with a variety of health issues.


Plenty of Reasons to Consider Using CBD


Now, let’s have a brief look at some of the reasons that you might want to consider using CBD for yourself or for someone in your family who needs it.

People have been using marijuana as a way to treat their pain for thousands of years, and today many are using it to great effect for dealing with chronic pain and other pain they are suffering. There is evidence that the use of CBD oil can help to reduce pain for a wide range of health conditions, as well as inflammation and general discomfort. The CBD can interact with receptors located in the brain.


Many people who have chronic pain also suffer from insomnia. Research has shown that CBD could help those who were dealing with insomnia because of their chronic pain. The use of marijuana has also been shown to help others who are suffering from insomnia for other reasons, such as anxiety. Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis have had success with CBD, as well.


Because CBD has the ability to help reduce inflammation, people who are suffering from arthritis have also found it to be quite useful.


In addition to helping with pain, CBD oil can also help with stress and with relieving anxiety. Studies have shown that the use of CBD can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress, and in some cases, it can cause the symptoms to vanish. It has helped those who are dealing with PTSD.


Another reason that some people have chosen to start using CBD is to help with their acne outbreaks. Research has shown that CBD can be quite effective when it comes to healing acne. There are two thoughts behind why this is so successful. First, CBD offers anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce acne. It can also reduce the production of sebum, which can cause acne to worsen.


When compared with the typical pharmaceutical treatments, whether it is for dealing with pain or stress, you will find that CBD has fewer side effects, and it is not going to be habit forming. Those who are using opioids and other drugs to help with their health conditions are often addicted to their medications. Other times, there are different side effects that are undesirable. Choosing to go for a natural treatment with CBD oil is a better option in most cases.

Studies have even found that CBD could be useful in helping people who are looking to improve their heart health. There are studies that have shown that it could help to deal with high blood pressure naturally.

Studies have shown quite a few other potential benefits that CBD oil can provide. Some research has shown that the oil can be helpful for dealing with schizophrenia and similar disorders, providing an antipsychotic benefit. Others have used it to help with substance abuse treatment, while other studies in animals have shown that it can be used to help reduce diabetes.

These are just some of the reasons that you might want to consider using CBD or at least talking with a medical professional about marijuana and CBD. It has been shown to help people in a range of different ways, and it could help you, as well.


Of course, as with all of the benefits that are associated with marijuana and CBD usage, more studies need to be completed. While it will affect most people in a similar way, meaning that the results and the relief from pain or anxiety can be expected, patients may react somewhat differently. Some, for example, may need to have a higher or lower dose to achieve the desired effects.


How Safe Is CBD?


Most people will agree that CBD tends to be quite safe. Still, there has been little research into this field. The research that has been done has found that there appear to be very few risks with CBD, and that it is safer than THC. The FDA has also come out and said that there are no real risks with CBD, even when it comes to abuse.

Of course, as with just about anything that is taken into the body, there are some potential side effects of which you are going to want to be aware. Some of the side effects include changes in weight and appetite, diarrhea, and tiredness. Some might feel dizzy, have some mood swings, or even feel nauseous. Most people are not going to have any problems with CBD.


Because there is still research being done on CBD, there are still questions about what form of CBD and what doses of CBD are going to be best suited for different needs and for different patients. When choosing CBD products, it is important for consumers to have a good understanding of just how much CBD is contained in it and whether any THC is contained in it.


Different states have different requirements when it comes to the use of CBD and marijuana. Find out what is legal in your location and take the proper steps that you need to follow.

Studies in recent years have shown that marijuana and CBD have the potential to offer some great benefits and relief to those who are using them. This has helped to get more states to relax their laws on medical marijuana, and even on recreational marijuana. Canada has recently fully legalized marijuana, as have states such as California and Colorado. Perhaps over the course of the next several years, we will see more states follow suit.