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CBD Pixie Stick - 10 units

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Pixy Stix were originally sold as a drink mix in the 1940s, Until the manufacturer found that kids were eating the sugar straight from the stick! Add this to your drinks, Baking mixes to get a fix for your sweet tooth!

A popular candie now you can have with CBD.

With this method of consumption you can enjoy CBD in a form not commonly used.

*This product does not contain any THC, and is not intended for children or any one during pregnancy

ngredients: 99% CBD, Flavored sugar

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My dad showed up with 3 of these from a smoke shop. The lady working there told him she ate one when she had a headache and it went right away. I have basically a constant migraine that only gets worse or eases up some. I don’t know why they failed to mention the very important mg content but I’ll help you out. This listing is for 100 sticks. One pixie stick is 30mg according to the tag. I tried half a stick. Firstly, they taste great. Just like a pixie stick except no tartness at all. I put it under my tongue because that’s how you get medicine into your blood stream really fast. Within minutes the migraine went from “worse” back down to “normal bad”. So to compare to a normal person with a headache I am essentially saying it went away. I wait until it gets the worst then take half a stick. I used them up fast and he bought more. Not sure all the flavors they offer. I tried cherry and blueberry and I have an orange as well. I’m buying this 100 pack now. They are 1.00 each at the smoke shop and .25 each on here. Great price! I’m trying the gummies and lollis also but I have a feeling I’ll like the pixie sticks more because they are powder and can dissolve under the tongue, skipping the digestion and going right into your blood stream. essentially working instantly which is unheard of for an edible. Also just FYI these are plastic, not paper. I hate paper pixie sticks. Stupid invention.